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Special of the month


1. Grilled Salmon Pear Sauce

Grilled Salmon, and Golden Fried Papaya, served with perfectly special fresh pear sauce.


2. River & Land Tamarind Sauce

5 Jumbo Prawn & 4 sliced of eggs caramelized with brownish tamarind sweet & tangy sauce topped with fried onion, fried garlic, dried chili and cilantro.


3. Ribeye Steak with Curry Sauce

Grilled to perfectly tender Ribeye Steak 12 oz. comes with Asparagus and serve with Panang Curry Sauce, basil, bell pepper.


4. Asparagus "Prik Khing"

Fresh Asparagus stir fried in Prik Khing sweet & spicy sauce, comes with prawn and your choices of chicken or pork.

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